Chakra Hat Anyone? (A blog)

0410161139cby Kathy Varie

My friends Matt and Lisa recently announced the upcoming birth of their baby girl in October. They are beautiful souls and have long anticipated this blessed event, and I knew I wanted to give them something special as a gift. I asked Lisa what colors she had chosen for the baby’s room, and she told me, “All colors!”, and showed me a fun picture of a multi-colored elephant. I was thrilled! I immediately thought to make a blanket with the colors of the chakras! How perfect!

img_2253I had not crocheted in some time, so I decided to practice first. I bought some chakra colored yarn from Michael’s and made the practice blanket. It turned out pretty well, but I wanted something very special for them, and searched until I saw something that would fit. I purchased 9 colors of beautiful 100% cotton yarn from Turkey at an actual yarn shop and started the journey to make this beautiful little baby a blanket. Once I finished, someone suggested making a hat to match, so the gift included a little baby hat too!

I showed the picture that I took of the blanket to my friend Erin, who immediately said, “I want a chakra colored hat!” So I decided to make her one, too! It was a sweet experience to spend time making something with love for wonderful friends who give so much to everyone they know.



Kathy, a certified Ananda Meditation teacher, has been meditating and practicing yoga since her teen years. To view her online art gallery, click here.