How Shall I Wait for Thee? (Devotional Poem)

Version 2by Narayan Romano


How shall I wait for Thee?
Like a lone car in a traffic jam
stilled by the touch of your immortal bumper?
Like a hummingbird for fresh nectar in a desert?

Shall I wait for Thee? How?
Mutely open to Your Omnipresent sound, Ma,
I shall wait for Thee.

And in my waiting I realize it is You, Mother, who have been waiting
silently calling, reminding me through the breeze of Thy eternal caress
warming me through the sun’s rays, giving me strength

Oh, Mother, how long have You waited for me!

No more, Thy wait is over!
I am Thine, receive me!
No more hide and seek,
No more shuck and jive
No more shall You maneuver out of my gaze with Your shadow guise

Oh, Mother, how shall I wait for Thee?

I shall wait like Thee for me–